Add on Databases for Collector's Assistant (v2000)

All versions of the Collector's Assistant may be enhanced through the addition of one of the following databases:

United States Coin Database (included in all versions of Coin Collector's Assistant)

The United States Coin Database is a comprehensive prepopulated listing of all United States coinage since 1793 by date and mint mark. It includes date, mint mark, denomination, coinage metal, mintage (business and proof), and variety. A high quality color picture is included for all main coin types and also all commeratives. Recent additions to this database are the Sacagawea Dollar and the 50 states circulating quarters program.

United States Currency Database (included in Currency Collector's Assistant)

The paper money database is a comprehensive listing of all US currency based on Friedberg's 16th Edition Paper Money of the United States. Also included are Confederate Notes and Encased Postage Stamps. The data is organized by type and Friedberg number. 120 high quality color images of early currency are included.

World Coin Database

The World Coin Database is a type listing of over 5,000 coins from 40 countries which is user extendible. Included are:

Multi-Collectible Upgrade

The multi-collectible upgrade, when added to the Coin or Currency Collector's Assistant provides all of the functionality included in the Collector's Assistant multi-collectible version. This includes customized data entry screens and report formats for over 30 collectibles as well as a facility allowing the user to customize screens for new collectibles. Collectibles supported include:

Advertising, Autographs, Baskets, Beanie Babies, Books, Cars, Casino Chips, China, Clocks, Coins, Comic Books, Currency, Disneyana, Furniture, Glass, Guns, Jewelry, Knives, Marbles, Military, Music, Music Boxes, Non-sports cards, Pez, Plates, Pogs, Political, Posters, Pottery, Railroad, Records, Sheet Music, Silver, Sports Cards, Stamps, Telephone Cards, Tokens, and Toys

A prepopulated database is not available for these collectibles, but many have prepopulated pick lists for common fields such as manufacturers, authors, sports, etc.

Ancient Coin Database

The Ancient Coin Database provides data entry screens and report formats specifically for ancient coins including information fields for obverse and reverse inscriptions, denomination, metal, deity, ruler, city/town, mint, detailed description and more.

It also provides preloaded customizable choice lists for:

A preloaded database is all provided with several hundred listings, most of which contain color pictures. Includes Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Judaic coinage.

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